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The University of Great Falls Adds New Names to the Alumni List

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The University of Great Falls has added more students to their alumni list today as each member of the graduating class will be leaving with that hard earned diploma. As the band is playing pomp and circumstance, smiles are on everybody's faces, with the 79th University of Great Falls commencement graduation of well over 100 students were present and ready to receive their diploma. "I want to say I am real honored to be here this is a really special place Great Falls University, it's a wonderful community and I feel honored to be amongst them, the families and the folks here," explains Commencement Speaker Jamey Verrilli.

After years of class work both Andrea Spake and Morgan Burns are filled with mixed emotions to finally be wearing a cap and gown, " says Spake. "It is so exciting to finally be graduating and moving on with my life and getting to do something new." "It's always sad to give your last speech here but I was very pleased at how it went," says Burns. At the age of 77 Sherry Lincoln will be walking across the stage and getting her diploma proving you are never too old to get your degree. "I never really started out with the idea of getting a degree but as I as going along I seemed to be taking the courses that would lead me to history and I finished that one," says Lincoln. 

Lincoln says she couldn't have gotten this far with out the love and support of her family. "I have 4 wonderful children who have been there every step of the way and my husband who has encouraged me when he felt like it. " After a wonderful celebration these "former" college students are now ready for what ever their futures may hold.

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