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Standoff With Airman Ends Peacefully

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It was a busy day for Kerri Anderson, assistant manager of Public Drug on Central Avenue. Not because she was assisting customers but because the store was the command center for this morning's three hour stand off.  

"When I first went to drive to into the parking garage down there, I noticed that we had police and military in front of our store. So I was concerned that someone had broken in," says Anderson. 

But after noticing parts of Central Avenue from 3rd Street South and on where closed off, she thought there was an incident at the U.S. Bank.

"But once I got in the store, the policemen were waving us to open the front door. So I went to the door and the gentleman told me that there was an armed man in the apartment building in the middle of our block. He had barricaded himself in and they were thinking he was suicidal. They didn't want him to hurt himself or other people."

The man was a 32-year-old male from Malmstrom. Anderson says authorities were trying to communicate with the man on the streets.

"They asked if they could use our store as kind of a command center to be able to try and negotiate with him to get him out and coordinate their efforts," says Anderson. "I heard the one military gentleman on his cell phone with the guy. He was telling him that he would be willing to do anything the guy wanted him to help him. If he wanted him to come up there and sit down on his couch and talk to him he would." 

Malmstrom officials were able to take him out of possibly committing suicide.  The man was taken in for medical reasons. Fortunately, no one was injured.


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