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Tornadoes in Texas Kill Six

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Rain showers benefit Montana agriculture, but severe weather is another story. Storms should not be taken lightly, as some North Texan residents learned first hand Wednesday evening.

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center reported three tornadoes in the North Texas Area Wednesday evening near the cities of Belcherville, Sunset, and Granbury.

Tornadoes were not the only source of damage, with over twenty reports of hail, some even reaching baseball size, adding to the destruction.

Danny Fletcher, a resident of Granbury, Texas, describes the damage done in Hood County, where six lives where taken...

"There's a community called Rancho Brazos it hit and that was one of our Habitat for Humanity Communities where we had an outreach church mission there serving the community. We're certain those people in these new Habitat for Humanity homes are displaced, and that was my main concern. Those roads were all closed last night and we could not get into those areas."

Danny received a call from a friend letting him know of the tornado warning. He then took shelter in his basement. Meteorologist Nick Langlieb at the National Weather Service in Great Falls has a few more severe weather safety tips...

"So during severe weather, you always want to try to seek shelter indoors. In events such as tornado warnings, you want to move to the lowest floor in your house to an interior room, preferably a small room like a closet or a bathroom. You want to duck down and cover your head." "A car is not a safe place, so if you are in a car and you can't seek shelter in a building, then you want to get out and get as far away from the car as possible and seek shelter by a ditch or a cooly."

The Treasure State has a slight risk for thunderstorms through the weekend. While we not be experiencing tornadoes, it's always good to be prepared.

Remember to tune in for all of your local weather updates - and connect to KFBB through Facebook and Twitter for constant weather coverage.

In Great Falls, I'm Meteorologist Sarah Fletcher for ABC5.

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