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Staying Safe When Lightning Strikes

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Thunderstorm season is here.  For every rumble of thunder, there is a boltof lightning, so it's important to take precautions from this number twoweather killer.

When lightning strikes, you should head inside and count.  for every fiveseconds between lightning and thunder, the storm is a mile away.  Forsafety, you should be able to count to at least 30 before going back outside.

If you are caught outside, especially if the hair on your head or neck issticking up, you should get as low to the ground as possible, get on theballs of your feet and cover your ears.  You make look silly, but you'lldefinitely be safer.

Lightning can come from nowhere.  In the video, you can watch closely as a bolt strikes infront of a security camera.  In slow motion, see how quicklyit hit?  Sometimes it seems to come from nowhere.  A storm doesn't have to be overhead for you to be in danger.  A strike cancome from a storm that's over ten miles away.

Lightning can cause a lot of damage too, but one place you can stay safe isyour car, and it may be for a different reason than you think.  Rubber tires don't act as insolated to stop lightning.  it's actually themetal body of the car that directs electricity around you.  This is calleda Faraday Cage.

So stay safe and be prepared.

For ABC/FOX Montana News, I'm Meteorologist Micah Rumsey.

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