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Gay in Montana Part 1

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  • Gay in Montana

    Gay in Montana

    With Gov. Steve Bullock decriminalizing gay sex and Sen. Jon Tester changing his stance on gay marriage we take a look at the gay community in Montana.

Growing up, Adrian Stewart knewshe was different.

 "I knew when I was a little girl, that I liked the girls. I wanted them to be my "best friend." I didn't understand what it meant otherwise but I knew I wanted them to be my best friend", says Stewart. 

 She knew she liked girls morethan she should have in preschool. Her classmates also noticed herdifferences. She liked her hair short and wasn't into girly clothes . Her more masculine tenancies made her an outcast.

 "The girls didn't want to be with me. They didn't want to play with me. Because even though I played Barbies and dolls and house and all those things I just didn't fit in for them."

 While other girls focused ondating, she occupied her time playing sports. But in high school, people beganto question her lack of love interests.

 "I was never picked on really until high school and then high school it was it's time to date, everybody needs to date somebody. Why don't you want to date anybody?"

 It wasn't until the movie Coyote Ugly came out that Stewart erased any doubts questioning her sexuality.

 "I sat down and it got to one specific scene in the movie and it wasn't even a sexual scene at all. It was just the outfit the person was wearing in the movie and I sat there with my friend very very much straight, and I said out loud in my head,I said oh my gosh I'm gay."

She saw the movie multiple times.

 "To make sure I was right. I questioned for a long time because they beated into me, well, why don't I like guys. Shirt on shirt off, half dressed, what is it?"

 The next step was to come out tosomeone she trusted. She first came out on her sister's 18th birthday dinner. Her sister told her she was gay first and asked Stewart if it was okay. Stewart said yes and said she was gay too.

Stewart didn't startdating until her 20s.  Her first relationship lasted two years. An 18-year age gap ultimately drove them a part. After being single for just amonth, she says she found her soul mate Megan.

"She was an absolute god sent. She was the girl of my dreams. She was everything I've ever wanted and we have been together almost four and a half years. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her."

Not even six months into theirrelationship her girlfriend Meg, proposed marriage to her. Stewart says she's never feltguilty about her love with Meg.

"I don't believe that our love was wrong. I never have and I never will because I just know how I feel about her. I feel about her the same way my dad felt about my mom. "

 In part two of the series, Stewart discusses religion and the direction Montana is going when it comes to gay rights. 


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