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MANG Officials Respond to North Korean Threats

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This week, North Korea testing six short range missiles in just three days. This coming after already high tensions in the region, with North Korea making nuclear threats against both the U.S. and South Korea. But should these threats be taken seriously, and is the U.S. prepared for the worst?

Paige Kim, is originally from South Korea and just recently moved back to the country after several years in the U.S. Her return came not long before these threats were made against her country, and the U.S. She says not being used to the culture of the Korean peninsula, she didn't know what to make of the threats.

"I was thinking, what's going on? I'm so scared! You know, the worst is going to happen," says Kim.

Her fears were shortly put to rests, after speaking with her parents, neighbors, and fellow church members who assured her these threats were nothing out of the ordinary.

Kim says many in South Korea told her, "We've been getting these threats since we were young. So, they're used to these threats."

Surely, threats of nuclear missile launches are nothing to take lightly.  Major Cody Smith with the Montana Air National Guard (MANG) agrees.

Major Smith says, "Any response member of the U.S. military, we take threats to our U.S. sovereignty and our security pretty seriously."

And while there has been no change in protocol, specifically in response to North Korea's recent threats, Major Smith says the National Guard is always training to respond to any broad spectrum of situations that may occur.

"One thing that history has taught us is that we should never be complacent.  There have been plenty of examples when complacency has caught us off guard. For example: Pearl Harbor and 9/11," says Major Smith.

Paige says it's not just because these threats are re-occurring that South Koreans don't take them as seriously as they may have in the past.

"South Korea is more confident that we have more power than before, and that other countries, like the U.S. Will actually help us."

And while Malmstrom officials declined our request to speak on camera, they did issue this statement saying:

"Air Force Global Strike Command, to include Malmstrom Air Force Base, remains fully prepared and capable of defending the United States and our allies, regardless of North Korea's actions. The Nuclear Deterrence Mission of the 341st Missile Wing dictates that we stand ready for any contingency, up to and including nuclear war, on a day-to-day basis. Hence the namesake of our weapon system, The Minuteman."

From the ABC 5 studio, I'm Emily Scarlett.

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