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Crime Rates Skyrocket in Summer

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Bryan Slavik with Great Falls Police Department says, "almost all crime expands and increases quite significantly over the summer".  While you're out having a good time and enjoying the summer weather, someone could be taking advantage of your distractions.  Slavik says, "a burglar or a thief that has some experience will know when you are away from your house and how to get to it".

To stop a thief you have to think like a thief.  Make sure all the weakness to your home like doors and windows are secure at all times.  If you're traveling, take some precautions to avoid being an easy target.  Jo Bridgeford Maronick is an owner/agent of a Farmer's Insurance agency.  She advises, "make sure your mail isn't being delivered, your neighbor is coming over mowing the lawn; just make sure the house looks lived in".

You're even at risk in broad daylight.  Bridgeford Maronick says, "there's a higher theft rate while people are at work".  Don't leave temptation out in the open!  Bridgeford Maronick explains, "it's kind of a nice big invitation when you buy a nice new plasma TV and you leave the box outside for a couple days".

When you file an insurance claim as a victim of theft, your coverage often depends on what you do for preventative measures like closing the windows and locking the doors.  Bridgeford Maronick advises, "for the most part, if you have full coverage you're going to be covered for theft as long as you've done your part to secure your items". 

Yet, you still need to know the specifics about your policies.  Bridegeford Maronick says, "if you have CDs in your vehicle, those are normally not covered. Those are high theft items that are things that should be removed and taken into the home".

If you are a victim of a crime, file a report with the police.  Slavik says, "I understand that a lot of people that are reporting those types of things think it doesn't do them a whole lot of good, but in many cases we are able to solve those problems or at least get an idea of where those problems are happening".  You don't even have to come down to the police station to file a report, you can just do it online!

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