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Safety is Number One Concern for Electric City Lifeguards

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Kristen Delaney is one of the Head lifeguards at Electric City Water Park.  She says, "I was on the swim team and just wanted a good career that involved my love of water".  Her coworker, Zane Winters, is also a Head Lifeguard.  He explains, "it takes dedication for one and time that's the other big factor".

Training alone takes a lot of time.  Winters says, "we go through either Red Cross or YMCA certification. We go through CPR, first aide, oxygen resuscitation, and emergency oxygen as well". 

There's on the job training as well.  Delaney says, "at least once a week we're doing some type of training in the pool to make sure we're keeping up on everything".  Marian Permann, Aquatics Supervisor for Great Falls, explains ongoing training is necessary because "it's really easy to forget.  You take the class, but you can forget".  Delaney says some of their exercises include, "back boarding, approach strokes, a lot of rescues".

Training in basically a little bit of everything is important to develop confidence and being prepared for the unexpected.  Delaney says, "you never know what's going to happen.  You want to be prepared for whatever".

Safety is the number one priority.  Delaney says, "you want to make sure they're safe so that if something happens to one kid, it's not going to ruin everyone else's experience".

In addition to time, being a lifeguard takes a lot of money before you can make money.  Permann says, "lifeguard classes run anywhere from $150-$200".  However, being a lifeguard is a rewarding career for many and often pays off down the road.  Delaney says, "at the end of the day you know that you kept all the people that came here safe and you know that they know that if anything happened they would be fine".

If you're interested in becoming a lifeguard, the city is hiring.  Permann says, "we are extremely low this year. We have about 30 lifeguards on staff and we need closer to 60".

Even if you aren't on the lifeguard staff, you too can help create a fun and safe environment.  Delaney advises, "make sure you listen to the lifeguards and know the rules so we are not distracted and can do our job".

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