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Great Falls is Home to The Only Rattery in Montana

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"They're friendly their not an evil thing to have and they are actually a very smart pet."Roz Newell and her husband are currently running the only rattery in Montana.

"Well a rattery in Montana for about 2 years now but working with rats for 17 years," Says Newell. Operating a rattery is way more than just raising a breeding rats it's also a science."A rattery is one who actually does study behind the rats instead of just breeding for reptile food or whatnot we actually take our time and learn about the genetics and learn where we can make stuff improve their lives and improver their standard of happiness. We actually care more for them so they don't go for reptile food they are actually show quality and pets," adds Newell. In the 2 years of being a rattery owner Newell not only studies rats, she rescues them and helps give them a new lease on life."I've only had to turn down 2 the whole time I've been here and we take them in regardless if they are mean or nice we work with them and we try finding them a second chance as being a pet."

Recently Newell has been made an exception in her rescue business by nursing an abandoned baby raccoon back to health. "Friends of ours found a baby raccoon in the ceiling tiles, she was definitely covered in a lot of fiberglass and she was only about 3 weeks old. And she's going on 5 weeks now getting ready to be released in the next few weeks so that way she's not being humanized but she will her wildness but she does know what a bottle is and she defiantly knows what time it is to eat so we are doing good," says Newell.

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