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Great Falls Amateur Radio Club Field Day

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The old days of radio to radio communicationhave not been forgotten as the Great Falls Amateur Radio Club conducts theiryearly field day study. "Oncea year the American relay league or ARRL conducts what's called field day andyou will notice by the banner behind me this is and emergency operation centervehicle its a mobile command center it has both government radios that we'retrained to operate plus a bunch of amateur equipment," says Assistant Section Manager Rod Jackson.

Thegreat falls amateur radio are one of a national chain  of radio operators who make sure they areready in case of a real emergency. "Great Falls Area Amateur Radio Club, GFAARC as we call it, is an organized group ofamateur radio operators you know there is a radio spectrum all around us mostpeople are familiar with television which uses a spectrum, the police, the firedepartment business man radios well amateurs have a portion of all thosespectrums and the VHF uhf high frequency and even the satellite communicationsfolks," explains Jackson.

Duringfield day club members communicate with clubs from all across the globe in avariety of ways through both voice and Morse code. "Thefield day event simulates an emergency so what we have done we have relocatedout of our homes and out of fixed emergency operations centers and we set up ata place where it would be reasonably safe and we would be capable to providecommunication support during an emergency," says Jackson.

George Forsyth is the Section Manager for all of Montana, yesterday heundertook a key road trip to 7 of the other radio clubs here in the state of Montana. "Wellfield day is happening all over the united states and as section manager forthe state of Montana I thought maybe yesterday I'd head out of here it's a 24hour contest from noon Saturday till noon on Sunday and so I thought I wouldtry and hit as many clubs in the state that are practicing field day," says Forsyth. Forsythsays its not only good to be prepared but its also a lot of fun. "it'sfun its a lot of fun everybody was running on emergency power and antennas,this whole weekend is just to be set up for in case something happens," explains Forsyth.Thisweekend the great falls based group reached over 800 other clubs and a few in Jamaica just this morning.

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