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Summer Heat Creeping In; Learn How To Beat It

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Temperatures are rising as we approach summer and the next few days may make you sweat.

"We are going to see the warmest weekend that we've seen…the warmest temperatures that we've seen since last fall.  The early part of September was the last time most areas across central Montana saw highs in the 90s.  So we could see some temperatures, especially across Central Montana and North Central Montana reach the upper 80s to lower 90s particularly Sunday into Monday," said Chris Foltz, National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

Folks it's really hot out here and I'm forecasting it to get even hotter this weekend and when you need some hydration, it's tempting to go for this, but you really need to go for this.

"So certainly we want to stay hydrated.  Drink clear liquids.  Avoid alcoholic beverages, carbonated sodas that are dark, things like that, those actually help dehydrate you.  You want to use lots of water, lemonade.  Things like that," said Foltz.

You also don't want to leave any kids or pets in the car. Cracking the window won't help.  One time I baked cookie on the dash of my car on a hot day.  There's a reason people call me the Weather Chef.  Temperatures inside reached nearly 200 degrees so it was literally an oven.  If it can bake cookies, you don't want to be in there.  No matter where you are, how should you stay safe?

"The main thing is try to plan your activities during the morning or late evening hours.  Try to avoid the noon to early afternoon hours.  That's the time when it's going to be the warmest when people are going to be the most susceptible to heat related issues," said Foltz.

So stay in the shade, stay hydrated and stay cool.

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