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Great Falls Host the 3rd Waking the Dead Tour

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The community is getting the chance to tour the Highland Cemetery in Great Falls for the 3rd annual Waking the Dead tours.

The Waking the Dead tour through Highland Cemetery in Great Falls is back and folks can take a ride and hear history from many of Great Falls most historic residence."She was one of the first women to settle in the area in 1884 and was actually the first business woman in Great Falls when she opened a hotel in 1885," explained Shelby Boyden. "He wanted one last ride he rode up to Gildford, Montana and came out of the gate and the bronco he was riding rolled over on top of him and killed him," Tells Mike Rausch. "When actually he was run over by a team of horses pulling a wagon," explained Austin Haney. "I here now with the guy playing Ralph Jones here and so Ralph how was the fall?" "It was about 180 ft. I tried to grab some scaffolding on the way down and that just sent me tumbling into a summersault and I almost went head first but hit the ground with a thud," says Darren Smith.

Not everyone sharing these history are playing a character with relatives of the founder of Vaughn Montana and the Hollywood cowboy legend George Montgomery."George was a he was a robust flamboyant fella he really liked to be known, very kind caring he was a lot of fun to be around," says Montgomery's Nephew Elliot Merja. Not only is it a fun little ride through history but the Waking the Dead tour serves a bigger purpose."Well it's an opportunity to learn about the history of the area through the voice of some of our more interesting and in some instances colorful characters," says Bill Bronson. "This year the money that they raise will go to great falls park and rec, last year it went to the history museum so it does raise some money and that money goes to good purposes," explains Dirk Larson. "It's been a great tour and I'm glad to get to know all the more reputable and well permanent residence of great falls."

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