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Pet Safety Tips for Fourth of July

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As dangerous as fireworks are for humans, they are just as dangerous to our furry friends.  Animals have a much keener sense of hearing than us and therefore fireworks can cause a lot of problems.  Laura McElhinney with the Great Falls Animal Shelter says, "the loud bang really interferes with the dogs and they have a tendency to run out of panic".

If you're going to celebrate with fireworks this Independence Day, it's best to leave your animals in doors.  At least there they feel more safe and comfortable.  Remember, they don't know what a firework is, all they see is fire and hear a loud bang.

If you do lock you pets inside, make sure to protect your belongings.  When an animal is in that distressed mode they tend to become very destructive.

Make sure all outdoor pets are properly tagged in case they do escape in a panic.  This will make your reunion a little easier.

Lastly, please clean up after your fireworks celebration.  Chemicals don't exactly digest well and animals are known for eating just about everything!

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