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Big Local Grant To Help Community Understand Affordable Care Act

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Healthcare legislation has been the talk of the nation over the past few years and now the big law goes into effect in January.  While some parts may be confusing, the areas around Great Falls and Cut Bank are getting a financial and informational boost.

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Obama, it's been hard for the average citizen to find out everything the plan entails without reading the nearly one thousand page document.

"This information is something that people don't automatically os-mos.  So you really have to get out there and explain what these plans are about because I think the ACA, Affordable Care Act, or quote ObamaCare, is confusing to most people.  Really, what does it involve?"

As a means of bridging the information gap, a one point five million dollar grant was split among various clinics in the state of Montana.

"This grant is to allow us to hire an individual, that will receive special training, that will have the sole purpose of informing patients about the new plans, the type of plans that are out there, and helping them understand not only what the plans cover, but helping them sign up for those."

While the new position won't clear up every foggy detail, many people in our Montana communities should benefit from an expanded knowledge of their healthcare options.

"It's starts us on the right track in providing a mechanism so people can access needed and appropriate healthcare.  I think that's what it's all about."

The law doesn't go into effect until January 1st, 2014 but you can begin signing up this October.

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