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Tester and Daines Discuss Northern Border Security

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Congressman, Steve Daines, says,"so much of the talk in our country is about the southern border back in Washington, but it's time to put the spotlight on our northern border.  Today Senator Jon Tester and Congressman Steve Daines joined forces to host a U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee field hearing to gain some insight into what's going on at our northern border.  Tester explains, "a field hearing is to go out in the field and visit with folks that are on the ground out here about what's working and what isn't working, find out if most folks are collaborating and working together to get the most bang for the buck".

With a lot of our nation's man power and resources on the southern border, this leaves our northern border vulnerable.  Tester says, "immigration is the biggest issue on the southern border, but terrorism and drugs are the biggest issue on the northern border".

While we need a secure border, we don't want to close the door on Canada.  Tester says, we need to "make sure the border is secure, while getting the economic advantages that we can of doing business with Canada and Canada doing business with us".

Today's hearing is all about learning our strengths and weaknesses and how we can be more effective by working together.  Tester advises, "you are much more effective if you collaborate and you get much more bang for your dollar".  Daines says field hearing are the best because "out here where the actual people are doing the real work instead of often time chatting with folks back in Washington D.C., who are far removed from what's going on".

Hopefully those closest to the situations can provide some solutions to take back to Washington D.C.  Tester says, "hopefully if we find things that need to be fixed, we can take those ideas back to Washington D.C. and get that rectified".

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