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Bio-One: Montana's First crime Scene Cleanup Crew

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In many crime drama's you witness the investigation aspect of a scene however the job doesn't just stop when you leave a scene, somebody has to clean up the mess left behind and for Montana that somebody is a company based out of San Francisco called Bio-One.

"Bio-One handles all the things that no one else wants to handle every thing from suicides homicides decompositions, meth labs MERCA, different cleanups. "If it is disgusting that's unfortunately what we get called in for," explains Bio-One National CEO, Nick-Anthony Zamucen. For years the treasure state has not had anyone for handling dangerous bio waste, crime scene sanitation and body removal. "Personally I have got a background in law enforcement and my partner has a background in the military so in our previous careers we saw first hand the traumatic effects a scene, crime scenes, trauma scenes what have you would have upon family members. We were often put in situations where family members would ask us what can I do who can I call, we need somebody to clean this up. the law professionals that we have in the area the first responders are great but they don't have the equipment they don't necessarily have the training or the ability to clean these scenes up so the families are typically left with these or they have to call somebody else who doesn't specialize in this," says Sean Ibsen. But when the idea came to two Great Falls men to start a company trained to handle such a job, they reached out to a well known national clean up company, who happily agreed to be the first Montana crime scene clean up crew. "Both my partner and I had kicked the idea around just knowing that so if a tragedy strikes the family members are stuck having to go through even more trauma you know through having to clean that up, or there is a bio hazard situations that you know maybe a regular person shouldn't be handling it's very unsafe," says Parker Mesch.

The state of Montana is a heavy farm based society and so the local Bio-One crew is well equip to handle a major farming accident if need be. "We will take care of any hoarding situation if you have animal urine or feces problems which will happen with land owners and property owners that have multiple pets, we can take care of mercer jobs we can take care of just about anything nasty we'll come and clean it up for you," explains Ibsen. For a crime scene clean up company that deals with such delegate situations it's not all about the money, rather it is about the people they serve."It's a labor of love, do we charge? Sure we do. but do we do this for money we try to help first and do the business second," explains Zamucen.

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