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Bio-One: Montana's First crime Scene Cleanup Crew Part2

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"First things first we need to make sure that the scene is actually safe for the techs to go in there is not a scene that we walk into that we haven't made sure that number one safety is a priority." explains Bio-One National CEO, Nick-Anthony Zamucen.

Next its time to put on all the stuff that will keep you safe from decontaminates. "Number two that we have the proper gear and for lack of a better word utensils and chemicals to actually get the scene decontaminated. Bio-One suits, you get without proper protection full head gear and booties, um we have face mask and respirators this will kill any kind of odor that you could come into contact with we do deal with a lot of dead bodies that have a lot of funny smells," says Zamucen. And now that we are geared up it is time to get into the scene, for our mock purpose we faked a crime scene using hot dogs and tomato sauce. So to clarify this is not a real crime scene. first up we accesses the scene and start cleaning two rows by two rows starting with the closest contaminant to you removing all in your way. In the event your suits has been compromised your partners is very important never clean a contaminate without a partner.once you clean the floor leaving space for you to move, you check from top to bottom cleaning all the way. When finished remove all your equipment and place it in a bio red bag. "We can never claim that we sanitizes or sterilize anything, we can only sanitize to the best of our ability," says Zamucen.

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