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4-H Holds Livestock Show at Montana Expo Park

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"Yeah this is the final thing this is whatthey have been working for all year round," says MSU Cascade County Extension Agent, Rosa Malisani.

The Expo Park is filled with excitement as the annual Cascade County 4-H Livestockshow hits the pavilion floor. "Ohwe are here at the 2013 Cascade County Livestock show and sale and what it is it's a group of kids they are all in 4-H and they all show their animals andthis year we have beef, Lamb, Goats and swine so they come in they do marketclasses and they also do showman ship classes," explains Malisani. Natalie Gerard has brought in swine she and her sister raised with high hopes for thisyears competition. "They'llweigh in first and then we bring them in and we put them in their pens and wegive them a bath and then we brush them up and we go in for showmanship andmarket swine, market is first and showmanship is second," says Natalie Gerard.Overin the rabbit portion Becca Gerard and her rabbit named "But" hope to repeat lastyears performance. "Everyyear I have shown I have gotten reserve and then last year I've gottengrand," says Becca Gerard.

Alli Nelson and her steer Benny get in around 7 O'clock in the morning to get ready for theshow. "Hegets 25 pounds of corn oats and barley and I wash him out in the wash rack andblow him off make sure his hair is completely dry and I waited about an hourbefore I started to fit him basically when I fit him I want him to look like aperfect rectangle and make his rear end look as big as possible basically so Iuse a lot of adhesive and a lot of hairspray," explains Nelson. Asthis could be her final year competing, Nelson is proud to be going home agrand champion. "It's a real honor this is possibly my last year so its great time to kind ofend out the year," says Nelson.


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