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     The summer and the holidays seem to be the opportune time for scammers to strike...Cascade County's sheriff Bob Edwards warns all residents of a potential scam going on in the area

     He claimed in a statement yesterday he was made aware of a possible online scam occurring.

      Attention came to it when a person placed her resume on a Montana help wanted site and was then offered a job by a company by the name of Open World Data Inc. The company said that they were opening an office in Great Falls and that she would help set up.

      She was sent a check to pay for equipment, but felt the check was suspect. When she tried to cash it, the bank said the check was no good and that this was a scam.

      The sheriff's office wants you to be aware that the check had the name Western Pacific Escrow out of California and the Open World Data Company was located in Florida. The check was also sent from New Jersey.

      They advise you to check with the bank for check accuracy. The first red flag is when a company wants you to cash a check and send them money. Most reputable businesses do not do wire transactions and they do not conduct job interviews using internet chat.

      Sheriff Edwards also says if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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