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Griz; Relationships Between Trainer and Athlete

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"So my title is Director of Athletic Performance and what it entails is strength and conditioning so the weight lifting aspect and the conditioning aspect," said Charlie Woida.

Charlie Woida and his staff of trainers at UM are a vital part to the success of Grizzly athletics.  They work with the athletes behind the scenes getting their bodies ready so they can perform at their very best.

"Well without the trainers we wouldn't be where we are on the basketball court. The weight room and the conditioning is so our sport specific we go through the hard pounding on the ground and things like that and that's tough for us, so we need him and the other trainers to be successful on the basketball court," said Griz Junior Guard Keron DeShields.

In order to make sure his athletes get bigger, stronger, faster, Charlie and his staff often have to push the players beyond their comfort level.

"If they're always training in a comfortable state they're probably not having any adaptations so I need to push them to the next level and keep them uncomfortable, so we keep pushing uncomfortable and let their bodies adjust so we can get to that next level," said Woida.

And to get them to that next level sometimes the trainers have to play the bad guys and make sure no one is slacking.

"They're here to push us and sometimes you're in pain and you're not going to like them in that moment but at the end of the day when you see your body you know it's worth it," said Griz Junior Sean Murray.

"And we appreciate him but then the hate comes in when were not working hard and that's what he's supposed to do just push us and push us and we expect that because we respect him as our training coach," said DeShields.

"When the work has to be done and it's tough that's when they can hate you and you have to call them out and they feel like they don't have that next level or gear and that you're just on them but when they see the results on the field or court they come up and thank you," said Woida.

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