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Gregory Loves Guinea

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When Pueblo, Colorado native Jordan Gregory made the decision to come to the University of Montana to play basketball he knew it would be a tough transition.  Coming to Missoula meant leaving behind his friends, family, and most importantly his pet guinea pig.

"I was heartbroken I missed her so much, my Dad would always send me pictures of him feeding her carrots or petting her on his lap so I really miss her," said Griz Junior Guard Jordan Gregory.

Being so far away from his beloved pet which he calls Guinea, Gregory is often sad at practice, and his teammates don't know why.

"They get on me about the guinea pig they don't understand the relationship a man can have with a guinea pig, but they have gotten over it and have learned to accept it," said Gregory.

Although his teammates may have accepted the relationship the budding star has with his Guinea they're worried what the rest of the Big Sky might think.

"If the other teams in the conference hear that one of our starters has a pet guinea pig I don't know if that will help with the toughness attitude being defending champs and all?  So we give him a little bit for that," said Junior guard Morgan Young.

But Gregory won't have to miss Guinea much longer.  At the end of the week he will be going back home to vacation. 

"Oh I am so excited if you check my Instagram there will probably be two or three pics of my guinea pig and I messing around and taking pictures," said Gregory.

But all good things must come to an end and when Gregory comes back for school he will have to once again say goodbye to Guinea.

"Somber moment, somber moment.  Around my last week I start to get sad that I am about to leave my guinea pig so I like to spoil her and give her the good things in life.  I give her two or three carrots at a time I pet her, I just show her my affection.  I only get to see her nine months out of the year so the time we do have I have to make it special," said Gregory.

Gregory says long distance relationships are hard, but knows theirs can stand the test of time.

"My guinea pig understands me, we may not get along all the time and we have our ups and downs like any other relationship but at the end of the day, I know my Guinea loves me as much as I love her," said Gregory.

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