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Malmstrom Air Force Base Conducts Motorcycle Safety Course

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Malmstrom air force base puts safety first, that is no different for their motorcycle riding members as they put on their motorcycle awareness safety day known as rolling thunder 2013.

The wind in your hair and the freedom of the open road draws many people to ride motorcycles, for 10 years now Malmstrom has puts on their own motorcycle riding safety course. "Today is Malmstrom Rolling Thunder 2013, this is our 10th year of running it. We took one year off last year, because of various reasons but we are back in full force and as you can see because of everything going on today we have got a really good showing today," says wing traffic safety manager, Kelly Nathe.   Today is a full day of motorcycle filled activity with a heavy emphasis on bike safety. "started off at 8:30 this morning with a wing brief from our Vice Wing Command Col. Daranger, who gave a safety briefing and her viewpoints on her views on motorcycle riding and the high risk activity that it is," explains Nathe.

The highlight of the day is a several mile mentorship ride to help teach motorcycle operators of all experiences how to do one of the most difficult rides. "Well you have to know how to ride in a group, riding in a group is a lot different than when your just a single rider out on the road. When you're riding in a group there is certain spots you have to be at certain times and watch out for everybody else you have to watch your group leader and all that stuff," explains motorcycle rider Jake Sumrall.  Though its a day of fun motorcycle educators feel good knowing these base hog riders are properly educated. "A great day of fun, a good day of mentorship, a good day of education for our base riders you bet," says Nathe.

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