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St. Peter's Hospital presents cutting-edge Bone Density Scanner

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The Diagnostic Imaging Department at St. Peters Hospital in Helena has added the latest technology helping determine a persons risk for osteoporosis. Only a few months in operation, the Halogic Discovery W Bone Densitometry unit sees roughly seven patients a day, giving them the most accurate information on bone density and health.

"In a way that helps the clinicians who are treating patience in the community, minimize the risk of bone fracture and other problems as a result of thinning bones. " Says Dr. Jeffrey Georgia, MD.

This state-of-the-art unit is similar to an x-ray machine, but the newest technology enables faster and bone specific scanning.

"Basically the machine passes high energy photons through the bones, captures them at the other side, and based on the number of photons that pass through they can tell the amount of calcium and other minerals in the bone."

The early stages of bone thinning are known as osteopenia and the more severe bone thinning is osteoporosis, and this machine enables doctors to catch it early on and with more accurate results.

"Chronic pain in either hips, feet, ankles, shoulders, low back are the most common places where a stress fracture as a result of thin bones can occur. Primarily post menopausal women or women who have had their ovaries removed, anybody who has been on steroid medication as a chronic anti-inflammatory or for other chronic diseases anybody who has been on chronic steroids, chronic smokers or anyone who drinks two drinks of alcohol at a day."

Bone thinning is better caught early than later and there are a few things you can can manage yourself.

"Keep your vitamin D, your vitamin C, your other vitamin and minerals in good balance because those are the things that are going to keep your bone strength healthy as long as possible."

This Dexa Imaging Machine is the latest of its kind and can give you the most accurate information on your bone health.

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