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Government Shutdown impacts Montana

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Since no agreement was made in Washington last night the federal government came to a shutdown for the first time in 17 years, but many might be wondering what does this mean for Montana. Citizens of the united states woke up this morning to a government shutdown, and of course no one is happy about it.

"Its totally unnecessary that Montanans should have to suffer because of this." says Kathleen Ely.

"I have a few friends that are affected both here and in billings and I feel it is a shame because they should not be affected by Congress." commented Pam Kennedy.

The deadline was October 1st to reach a budget agreement, but no agreement was made so now federal employees have to pay the price. In the United States nearly 800,000 federal employees are feeling the affects of the shutdown, and in Montana over 12,000 federal employees are feeling the pinch as well.

Many federal services are not affected like mail, social security, and medicare benefits, but here are some that are; certain food programs, public health such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, NASA, National Parks and Tourism, and parts of the military, and when we contacted the Montana National Guard to see how they are feeling the effects of this shutdown this is what we got,

Public Affairs Officers voicemail stating, "Officer for the Montana National Guard I am unavailable due to the current federal government shutdown, I will remain on furlough until the federal budget is approved."

Governor Steve Bullock also commented on the shutdown "Montana citizens just like citizens all around the country are saying let's quit playing games over basic things like funding our government and you can have meaningful policy debates, but let's do that in debating the policies not shutting down government"

Until the parties can come to an agreement in Washington the roughly 800,000 federal employees across the nation and 12,000 are going to continue to feel the pinch from this government shutdown.


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