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Malmstrom Will Continue to Operate

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In Great Falls we are amilitary city with both Malmstrom andthe Montana Air National Guard and the Government shutdown actually does havean effect on our military men and women. "What peopledowntown can expect is that we are going to continue with our missionsbasically any function that has to do with national security and public safetyhas been deemed essential and will continue, with that being said that meansthat military members are going to continue to work,"says Malmstrom Captain, Chase McFarland.

While the military willcontinue to be operational, they willalso be cutting back on a few things. "Those who are notcoming to work have been determined to be non essential, now it's not to saythat their job is not important and what they do is not important it just meansthat in order to continue the mission of national security and public safetytheir's isn't something that needs to be done,"says Captain McFarland. On the base civilian runoperations will be put on hold as well. "And the museum isclosed because it's ran by civilian personal however there are some basefacilities that are not effected by the government shutdown,"explains Captain McFarland.

But for those militarypersonal still at work Captain Chase McFarland assures they will be paid, it justmight not be the same time they are used to being paid. "I'll explain itthis way that a lot of people are seeing headlines that say military is notgetting paid, these people are not going to be paid. well in all honestymilitary is going to be paid and an even better title would be military is notgoing to be paid on time," explains Captain McFarland. Due to the shutdown Governor Steve Bullock reluctantly had to send home a number of Guardsmen. "You know eventhough congress passed to actually keep active duty military that are beingpaid, I look at my own we had to send home almost 600 guardsmen and soldierswho got paid as Federal technicians yesterday," says Governor Steve Bullock.


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