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Depression: One Retired Captain's Outlet

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Licensed clinical professional counselor, Janet Schneider, says often times people underestimate just how common PTSD and depression are, but there are ways to evaluate one's mental state.

"Take an inventory of themselves and say, 'how has my behavior changed since traumatic events, or maybe I just feel depressed.  Maybe, I'm socially withdrawn," says Schneider.

Research shows one in 13 people suffer from PTSD, with military personnel at an even higher risk, and while the first step may be seeking professional help, there are other outlets when combating PTSD or depression.

Retired military captain, Orrin Loftin says, "Oh my goodness! Well, I've always been into music. It's just something-I always come up with something in my head, in the middle of the night, three, four, five 'o'clock in the morning."

A graduate of the ROTC of Fayetteville State University, Loftin moved to Great Falls, Montana to work as a Satellite Operations Officer on the Malmstrom Air Force Base. But one day on his way to work, his life literally came to a screeching halt.

"I pulled over, unfastened my seat belt, opened the door, wham!"

A disabling car wreck caused Loftin to lose his recent promotion, his marriage -- he ultimately suffered depression.  That is, of course, until he found his music.

Loftin says, "See the military, we're all regulations--this is the way you do a, b, c, and d. This right here, I can use my imagination!"
"Music is an awesome coping mechanism that a lot of people use.  It can help people relax, even sleep," says Schneider.

Today, Loftin says with his music, he feels completely fulfilled, and excited for what the future may bring.

"You build a pyramid, and rather than being in a rush for seeking fame and glory, just build that pyramid and then sooner or later when it gets discovered, people will see what you've done," says Loftin.

For ABC/FOX Montana, I'm Emily Scarlett.

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