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A UM Employee Is Now In Serious Condition After Falling Onto a Boiler

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A University of Montana employee is now in serious condition after falling through a skylight on campus and landing on a boiler inside the heating plant.

UM officials say 61-year-old Mike Burke was checking new equipment on the roof yesterday morning before plummeting through one of their glass window and that this was the first time a serious accident has ever happened at their heating plant.

UM Chief Communications Officer, Peggy Kuhr, says Mike Burke is the chief engineer and supervisor at UM's heating plant and that he was the only person on the roof checking a flue gas damper, before he fell through the glass skylight.

Missoula Fire Department Training Officer, Matt Kerns, says his 22-person team hoisted Burke, who was conscious, into a basket and used rope pulleys to lower him to the ground vertically.

As of now, Environmental Health and Risk Management has begun an investigation into the incident.

So far, officials have already determined Burke was not required to wear fall protection gear, because he was on a flat surface, and six feet away from the edge of the building.

Last we have heard Burke is still at St. Patrick hospital in serious condition.