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Delayed Farm Bill up for review once again in D.C.

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This is a very disputed bill in Washington, and now they are in the final stages of reviewing the Farm Bill. Really one major part of the bill is causing this delay since initially being shut down by the house in June, and it boils down to food stamps.

In Washington on Friday lawmakers in the house agreed to open negotiations again with Senate over the long-delayed five year, $500 billion Farm Bill.

The least controversial part of the bill is the increasing of federally subsidized crop insurance ten percent, according to Montana farmer and former legislator Mike Jopek after the severe storms last year this is crucial.

"Crop insurance offers protection, it is subsidized by the federal government then farmers particularly wheat farmers need to be protected by big weather crop root protection or crop insurance offers that."

The major dispute over the bill and reason for the delay is the disagreement about the food stamps budget, and with over 47 million people using these benefits its a controversial topic for lawmakers.

"Senate said they wanted to cut $400 million per year out of the anti-hunger programs, the house says they want to cut $4 billion per year for the anti-hunger programs, the difference there is about four million people nationwide."

The House first rejected the new farm bill in June, and then the previous bill expired October first and as winter comes closer the bill is needed. An abnormal Autumn storm hit South Dakota earlier this month killing tens of thousands of cattle, and left ranchers no where to turn for relief, due to no current farm bill and also the government shutdown.

Another dispute about the farm bill is to split it up for future reviews, one being food stamps and nutrition and the other being agriculture.

"I think those two programs need to be linked together, if we are gonna give huge portions corporate substance to the big boys to farming, certainly as a nation we can also find money to feed hungry people."

Lets say there was a farm bill current to date right now, the farmers in South Dakota still wouldn't be able to get the relief they need from those recent storms due to the government shutdown which now is on day 13.

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