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Old Recycling Center May Get Sold

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On 15th Street North sits aempty building where the old recycling center used to run, after closing downin July 2012 the City Commission are ready to sell the property.

"There is no rulingout of Commission right now the recycling center we closed that a year and ahalf ago it was losing a reasonable amount of money I think in the neighborhoodof $60,000 a year for whatever reason about 37% of people using itwas from outside the city they were county people. Perhaps it was a gooddecision, it wasn't my favorite decisionand I didn't vote for it as a matter of fact, I liked the center," explains Mayor Michael Winters.

Mayor Winters invites all members of the community who have an idea of moving in to comeforward and make an offer.

"Well absolutely Ithink it can't be zoned for residential use the city isn't going to go intoanother business or I'm sure I don't believe the city is going to have anotherrecycling center there I'm sure of that and there is interest in buying thatpiece of property and I think that if the industries that would like to buythat would step up to the plate make an offer, I think the city commission andcity staff would take a real serious view of it," says Mayor Winters.

Also according to the CityCommission any change to give the old building a new life will be a very good change.

"I think that if wesold it to a company or a business that would like to put a nice lookingstructure there, that would benefit the city especially the appeal effect. Itwould increase our tax base and I think it's a very good idea to sell it," adds Mayor Winters.

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