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The Documentary Walter Makes Its First Showing in Great Falls

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Last night the Manfield Theater in Great Falls hosted a screening of Walter, the latest documentary from the award winning director, Hunter Weeks.

The film is about a journey Weeks and his fiance took through the US, Cuba and Italy to meet some of the world's oldest people and their families. Through their encounters they hoped to learn the secret to a long and happy life.

But I bet you are wondering, why the name Walter? Well, Walter was the Great Falls resident who inspired it all.

Hunter Weeks told ABC Montana that, "Walter is a film I actually discovered when I was living in Montana and Bozeman for a little while working for an agency. I googled who's the oldest person in Montana. I could do a project on the generations of Montana. I then discovered not only is Walter one of the oldest people in Montana, he was the oldest man in the world."


The film is aimed towards all generations to prompt them to remain connected and to enjoy the simple things in life.

For those of you who were unable to attend, you are still in luck. The Myrna Loy Center in Helena is also hosting a screening of the film on October 19th at 4:00.