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Senator Baucus Visits a Farm For his 97th Work Day

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Senior Senator Max Baucus spent his 97th field work day out in a real corn field.

"I'm not going to be at my current job forever you know. I think it would be a good idea to hire out and try out these different jobs sitting on the combine is a lot of fun, it's very interesting but it is also kind of sobering because the combines are getting awfully expensive and farmers are doing a pretty good job bringing their crops in," explains Senator Baucus.

Currently Senator Baucus is fighting hard to pass the farm bill which will help many Montana farmers.

"Agriculture is still our number 1 industry it kind of helps root us into the ground makes us a little bit humble in a certain way, which I think is very good because it's a very fast paced life. It's also our mainstay of our economy. Agriculture is number 1 in Montana and has been for many years and continues to be as far as the eye can see and this is pretty good for Montana. It's also good for our livestock operators. There has been some disasters in our state flooding and fires and so forth, it's very comforting to know that when there is a disaster there is going to be some support," says Senator Baucus.

With 97 days down of trying different jobs here in Montana, the senior Senator was able to get first hand in site from Montanans by walking a mile in their shoes.

"I like to make myself available so that people can ask me questions about what in the world is going on? What are they doing back there? Why not this? Why not that? It's part of my job, it's part of the job I really like the best," says Senator Baucus.

And just how did our senator do on the farm?

"He did pretty good he took a ride with me in the tractor and we talked about farming then I dropped him off in the combine," says farm operator, Charles Lenington.

Where will the Senator's last 3 workdays on the way to 100 be? Well according to the senator himself, it could be anywhere. Even being a Reporter for a day.

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