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Find Out What Halloween Candy Is Best For Your Kids

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Many children see Halloween as their favorite holiday, but it may not be so fun for parents who are worried about the effects of all that sugar.

Well here's something for parents to keep in mind, dentists say chocolate is one of the best treat options because its easiest to wash off the teeth.

A few students from Boulder Elementary told us that they prefer chocolates, Starbursts, and Skittles, but not Altoids, Lemonheads, or black licorice.

Even those these may be their favorite, Yellowstone family dentist Chase Pearson explains there are some Halloween candies parents should definitely watch out for. He went on to say, "Gummy candies I'd say they're a little bit of a worse candy. I guess you could say just because the stickiness to the teeth like you were saying. You know anything that's going to stick to your teeth for a long period of time is going to be a little bit harder on the teeth." Pearson also says to limit caramel candies because it takes longer to eat them, and they can increase the risk for cavities.

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