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Farmers Response to Any Natural Disaster

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Agriculture is a huge industry here in the treasure state, but what can our farmers do in the event of a natural disaster?

In Montana we are a state of farmers, our economy revolves around agriculture, but after recent storms in other states like south Dakota and the possibility of other natural disasters, what does a farmer do with a loss?

"They have a catastrophic program for people that have huge losses like from storms and from and other natural disasters," explains Grass Range Farmer, Michael Delaney.

According to Grass Range farmer, Michael Delaney senior, when problems arrived on his farm he was able to receive some help.

"in past years when we had really bad grasshoppers when they got to a certain point then the government kicked in, and helped us pay for winter feed and stuff like that," says Delaney.

And for a big agricultural state like Montana any natural disaster would heavily impact our economy.

"To have a bunch of them whipped out is a huge loss personally and county wise and state wide I would guess that it would hit them real hard," says Delaney.

There is a Facebook page that offers help to our neighboring state farmers.

"Michael says that there is a Facebook for the South Dakota, for people to donate to the south Dakota dancers that lost," explains Delaney.