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Insurance Commissioner Lindeen discusses Affordable Care Act

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In an attempt to clear confusion about Obamacare, Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen met with the public in Helena today. Joe Moeller was at the event earlier and brings us the details from St. Peters Hospital.

After traveling the state and informing Montanans about the Affordable Care Act, Monica Lindeen, Insurance Commissioner of Montana was here at St. Peters Hospital in Helena today to answer the publics questions.

"So what does the marketplace look like, it is an online market where private insurers compete for your business." Lindeen tells the crowd.

Dozens of individuals met here at St. Peters Hospital all for their own reasons this afternoon, but really to become more familiar with the new Affordable Care Act. Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen first gave with a brief overview and explanation into the various parts of the marketplace and how it works.

"But let me tell you there are other ways to actually purchase other than going through the web site." continued Lindeen, "There has obviously been a lot of misinformation of the last two or three years about what Obamacare really does and doesn't do, and so that is what we are out here doing giving them information and at the same time we want to answer any questions people might have as well."

In an attempt to alleviate confusion some might have, Lindeen opened up the room for questioning. Each person is different with various circumstances, so many questions are not exactly the same, but one question that is frequent around the state, is regarding Medicaid.

"Senior citizens are very concerned that they are going to lose their medicare coverage, and that really is just not the case, they are not affected what so ever."

One thing that is frustrating for not only Lindeen, but also many people is the web site which she also addressed the other options the public might not know about.

"I continue to have real concerns about that web site, but at the same time what I am telling folks is that there are other ways to sign up, you can do it the old fashion way with a paper copy or over the phone."

Now although not many questions were being thrown out there today, Monica Lindeens office does want to make sure if the public does have any questions about the Affordable Care Act they do call the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance office here in Helena.

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