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Snow Storm Hits Butte

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The snow is on the ground and the roads are slick, causing extremely hazardous driving conditions.

"You're getting some roads that are wet and then it goes into some icy conditions, and then some snow pack conditions," said Captain Gary Becker with the Montana Highway Patrol. "It just varies as you're driving down the road."

The Montana Highway Patrol in Butte and the Butte-Silver Bow County police have responded to a combined total of almost 40 accidents Monday.

One of those accidents included a police vehicle.

"We were parked at an accident and another truck came around the corner and struck our car," said Undersheriff George Skuletich.

So far, the accidents have been minor and no injuries are being reported around Butte, but Butte officials say they are expecting more accidents during the night time hours when the water begins to freeze.

"I'm sure we will see more accidents," Becker said. "One of the first storms of the year here and people are getting acclimated to the winter weather conditions and roads being icy. People are trying to figure out how to drive in those conditions again."

With the storm, the roads are expected to be rough for the next few days.

Butte officials say drivers should take caution when they are out on the streets.

"Drive at a steady pace," Skuletich said. "Don't hit the brakes constantly. Drive a little slower, of course. Just because you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, doesn't meant it's going to stop."

The Montana Highway Patrol and Butte police say drivers should be aware of icy conditions when driving to work in the morning.

They say a majority of the accidents occurred during the morning hours.

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