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Benefis Hospital Unveils New Helicopter

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Benefis has a history of providing the best care possible and today that extends to the skies.  The purchase of a 1,300 horsepower Eurocopter RC 135 p2+ provides transportation to and from even the most difficult locations in Central Montana and the hospital is ready to put it to use.

The design of this beautiful chopper was submitted by the flight crew.  Beyond the looks, the new layout will help the in-flight paramedics give the best possible care to patients.

Take off is a little bumpier than a plane, but pretty soon, we're soaring through the skies.  Getting this kind of view of the electric city was absolutely breathtaking.

This helicopter has a big range that can take a crew up to the Canadian border, Helena, Lewistown or a number of other far away locations and back with plenty of extra fuel to spare. 

The aircraft now has twin engines, which provides extra light along with a higher top speed.  The tail rotor is also enclosed, which lowers the ambient noise.

Hopefully, you won't have a medical emergency that requires medi-vac, but if you do, you'll have the best care in all of the Big Sky.

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