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One Speaker Comes to Enlighten Students During Red Ribbon Week

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It's a story he's told to hundreds of people, but it never gets any easier.

Jason Deshazer wrapped up Red Ribbon Week in Columbia Falls today, by sharing his story with high school students.

 Jason Deshazer's words have filled the auditoriums of 9 Flathead schools this week, Red Ribbon Week. Today his cautionary tale of the fatal consequences of driving under the influence, struck a chord with at least one student.

This student, Brooke Wilson explains, "I have a lot of relations to this in my family life so the stories he told were hitting home for me." Wilson, a senior at Columbia Falls High School, is familiar with the dangers of drunk driving. Watching a family member with substance abuse problems has led her to form her own convictions, But hearing the lessons echoed helped. Wilson went on to say, "I've definitely learned from that family member what to do and what not to do, but having somebody else say trying to teach everybody else the same things is good."

Teaching is what Deshazer has devoted his life to, sharing his experience all across the state of his own volition. Rather than a parole mandate, he has come back to Flathead where his impaired driving took the life of Dawn Bowker, a teacher at Somers Middle School on her way to work one morning.

Jason DeShazer tells us, "It's humbling to be in the Valley, the same place I devastated this community in 2006, and for them to open their arms and bring me in to share my story and experience with other high schools and junior highs, it's really humbling."

Pushing past the pain, he shares one basic message, "For every choice we make, it affects everyone around us whether it's indirectly or directly." Already, his words are taking root, "to teach other people and keep trying to push myself, I push other people not to do those things."