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Great Falls City Elections Are Today

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Today the city of Great Falls votes in the General Municipal City Elections. That means citizens will be choosing a Mayor and several City Commissioners to run the electric city. Welcome to the Expo Park Exhibiting Hall or should I say "Election Hall" as all your voted ballots must go through here to be counted.

"The 2013 City Municipal General Election. We're here at Exhibition Hall where we count the ballots this is an all mail ballot election so 20 days ago we sent out 28,000 ballots as of this morning before we got the mail we had about 10,775 ballots in," explains Cascade County Clerks and Recorder, Rina Moore.

What looks like a slow morning for Election Officials is actually a pretty busy one for those members counting ballots but thanks to a new election counting machine the count is a little faster.

"This has an optical scanner in it, unlike the other machine this reads front and back of the ballot it takes a picture of everything going through. in the past if the ballot was an over vote, an under vote, a write in candidate the machine stopped and the technician that was running the machine had to manually remove that ballot and put it in a tray for either over votes or under votes this machine has a separator in it, it never stops and so during the last election we were actually running about a 1,000 ballots every 20 minutes," says Moore.

New machine and all there are a few snags in the election process as some folks have forgotten to sign their ballots and must do so for them to count.

"This is where you can reissue those ballots or where you can pick up your undeliverable. we have a little basket over there of some peoples that didn't sign their ballots, those people have all gotten phone calls they just need to come down here and we dig out the unsigned paperwork out of our file and ask for some id and they can sign and then that ballot goes into the count," explains Moore.

After all is said and done and all the votes are counted and everything is in we will know tonight who will be running our fair city. As far as right now the only locked positions are Bill Bronson for City Commissioner who is not in an election year and City Commissioner Bob Kelly ran unopposed.


Due to the poll machine malfunction the election ballot counting has been put on hold until the Mechanic can get here from Missoula to fix it. According To Election Official Rina Moore, it will possibly be tomorrow morning before we now the final results of the election race. However we do have the preliminary results for the Mayoral election as we are 85% complete with the counting. So according to Moore the race is as follows:

*Mayor: (Preliminary)

Michael Winters: 6,675 votes

Aaron Pursell: 3,534 votes

Michael Witsoe: 724 votes

We do know the top two in the City Commissioner 4 year term race are Robert Jones with 5,824 votes. And Fred Burow with 4,047 votes. Again these are only preliminary and the final results will most likely come in Wednesday morning.


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