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Walmart Cancels Orders After Online Glitch

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Word spread like wild fire on social media that Walmart was offering deals on items such as a computer monitor going for $8.85, a projector that is usually $600 selling for $8.99, and a motorized kid's car selling for $29.

Kimberly Halsey said she found out about the deals and steals through a Facebook group.

"I was on Facebook and saw people were talking about in a coupons group that Walmart prices were slashed."

Halsey said she went online to order a toy for her son that usually sells for almost $100, but it was listed at $10.99.

"I went on there, and there was a toy we were wanting to buy our one year old called Mega Blocks Night Castle. The normal price is $99.99, I believe, and they had it for $10.99. We had ordered it to ship to pick up in store, but the store didn't have it. We would have to wait to pick it up."

While shopping online, Halsey noticed some of the other toy prices were shockingly high or low. She said she realized it was a glitch in the system.

"You could tell a big difference in prices. Something that were usually pretty cheap were priced on their web site at over $300, and things that were more expensive were like 20 or 30 bucks. Finally people decided that they had glitch prices or there was a hacking system or something."

Halsey said some of the members of the Facebook group, that notified her of the low prices, were able to pick up their items from the store before the glitch was corrected.

"I've seen pictures. I saw people in the Facebook group. If their store had the item. They got it. I know Wednesday night that Walmart started issuing out lists. So if you had ordered something for store pick up and the store had it, you couldn't pick up the item if you name was on the list."

On Wednesday night, Halsey said she got an email about her purchase being canceled.

"It kind of sucks not being able to get the item you want at the low price."

Halsey said although she was disappointed she didn't get the toy she ordered at the extremely low price, Walmart did reach out to her and others who had their order canceled with a small consolation gift of a $10 gift card.

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