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How This Recent Typhoon Compares to Great Falls Wind Storms

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On this day, in the year 1870, The National Weather Service issued its first storm warning, which was for some nasty weather on the Great Lakes. Well over a century later the same warning is out, but this time its on the Philippines.

As of last night, they are currently facing one of the most powerful typhoons in history.

The deadly 300 mile storm, cut out power and communications to hundreds of thousands of people, meaning, as the sun rose there this morning, the extent of the damage was still uncertain.

We now go to our very own meteorologist Micah Rumsey, to see how the forces of this storm compare to some of the local wind advisories we have had here in Great Falls.

Micah explains, "Alright, so to put this super typhoon into perspective, we are seeing wind gusts over 230 miles per hour. Gusts of 60 to 70 miles per hour here a month ago in Great Falls knocked over power poles. So when you have some of these tin shed type living arrangements in the Philippines, these winds are really going to be dangerous for the folks down there."


The typhoon, more powerful than hurricanes Katrina, Andrew, and superstorm Sandy, has caused more than 750,000 people to evacuate, including many who were already living in tents, after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred just last month.

Unfortunately the death toll is expected to climb as the sun rises and rescuers are able to make their way to remote areas cut off by the storm.

This typhoon is now making its way towards Vietnam and is expected to make landfall over the weekend.

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