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T.I. Performs at Mansfield Civic Center

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I'm here at the Mansfield Civic Center, and as you can see there is a huge turn out for the popular three-time Grammy Award-winning artist T.I. and as you can see the party is just getting started.

Lines were forming well before the show even started. And they were full of hip-hop fans from all over Big Sky.

 "Billings! Woo H-town hey," says concert goers.

Those that chose to pay a little extra for a meet and greet opportunity with the rapping mega-star probably had the hardest time holding back their excitement.

"It's T.I. are you crazy, come on dude if you don't come and see T.I. you're crazy!" said one fan.

For most of his career, T.I. has been viewed as a typical southern rapper with a dark past that included some prison time. But based on his new reality show , focusing on his responsibilities as a family man, his image has taken a new and bright turn. The rapper says despite all the criticism of this softer side, he only looks for ways to improve.

"Evolving is a part of life.  You stop growing, you start dying. So for the