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Malmstrom Held a Empowerment Seminar Tuesday

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Malmstrom Air Force Base works hard to help defend our country, but in the scary world even our military men and women need to know how to defend themselves.

"What we're doing here this week which is which is most important is a piece of that puzzle, this is part of that prevention piece so that we can get that information out there," explains Holly Wick, Sexual Response Coordinator For Malmstrom.

Passed down his family for generations Jiu-Jitsu head instructor of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts, Rener Gracie is here at Malmstrom through the Veterans Day weekend to help teach our troops self defense.

"And we're here celebrating with the men and women here at Malmstrom Air Force Base, couldn't be more honored to be here during this week especially yesterday being Veterans Day and sharing that special day with our friends here was an incredible honor the program that we are here teaching this week is called Gracie Defense System it's a program specifically designed for sexual assault in the U.S. Armed Forces," explains head instructor, Rener Gracie.

For instructors like 3 time WWE Diva's Champion Eve Torres, they are thrilled to get a chance to help teach Malmstrom military men and women ways to defend them and especially to empower the female members on the base.

"It is extremely important for women in the air force to be learning self defense not just for the techniques but this is for the confidence. The confidence to be able to set boundaries for themselves the confidence to be able to go out there and knowing that they have to work with mostly men in a very intimidating environment and just to be able to protect themselves. Their they're protecting our country and we're here making sure that they can protect themselves," Explains Eve Torres, head instructor.

Sheena Smith is one of the military personnel who is taking part in the class, and feels this special training gives her and her fellow military men and women a boost in confidence.

"Honestly the good thing is making women feel more confident in what they are doing, because before a lot of women we wouldn't know what to do if a man was coming at us or trying to attack us. Now we know the stance, how to put our hands, what to actually say like voice what you are thinking. Now we are learning slap techniques and actually getting up techniques, so it's much easier because you can't just do a little wimpy slap. You actually have to come at them full force," says Smith.

For Gracie this is only the beginning and he hope to continue to train our military men and women and make them Gracie Jiu-Jitsu certified instructors.

"This really is just a beginning for Gracie Defense System in the Air Force we have only essentially fed the program and shared with 3 bases so far, it was Lewis McChord, it was Minot Air Force Base and now here at Malmstrom. We're very excited about the future of this program, because the results speak for themselves and the motivation and the empowerment that is created through this type of training not to mention the moral boost for the airmen here is something that we are very proud to be a part of," says Gracie.


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