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Proposed Amendment of Utility Executive Compensation Rule doesn't Pass

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Nearly two months ago at the Capitol the four members of the Montana Legislative Consumer Committee met and agreed 4 to 0 to formulate a letter that would be sent to the Public Service Commission. This letter was a proposed amendment of the Utility Executive Compensation Rule, the committee was proposing that the top three highest paid executives of regulated utility companies, like Northwestern Energy and Mountain Water Company, would have to disclose their salaries.

"These are regulated utilities, these are monopolies, they are guaranteed profits, and the profits come from federal subsidies, and from Montana tax payers" Says Senator Mitch Tropila. 

Now two members, Representative Mike Cuffe and Senator Terry Murhpy changed their minds after seeing the letter last month splitting the decision 2 to 2 saying it isn't up to this committee to make that decision it is up to the Public Service Commission.

"It isn't like it is not transparent as far as the Consumer Council is concerned, they have access to all of it and use it in their calculations as deciding whether or not to oppose or to approve a suggested rate increase." says Senator Terry Murphy. 

Since initially agreeing on a letter to enact on this proposal to act the side of transparency, the committee was split and forced into another meeting today to come to a decision on weather they would send a letter or not, and it happens that now they are not sending a letter after all.

"Two approved it and two didn't so that is why we had to determine today that in that case it would not go." continued Murphy. 

From all on board to send the letter, to being split 2 to 2, to not sending it at all, some members are not giving up on this amendment.

"But Chairman Noonan and I are going to send the letter on our own, we believe in transparency, we think the Montana Consumers Deserve to have as much information at their finger tips that they can have."


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