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Police Weapons and Technology: The Tazer

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Police forces around the country have been trying to find ways to use less lethal methods to bring an alleged perpetrator into custody.

The Sergeant with the GFPD said when it comes to resorting to action, "One thing with law enforcement is pain compliance.  This is where I tell you I"I'm going to do this, but the only reason I'm doing this is because it hurts, and you don't want to hurt anymore.  If you were motivated, and thought I was going to take you to jail for something serious and you didn't want to go, being beaten wouldn't stop you."

We've seen or heard of force used when it comes to pain compliance, but other situations may come into play.

"If you say I'm not going you can do a lot if properly motivated, or if you're drunk, or on drugs."

That is where other measures may be necessary to resort to.

That is where the Sergeant said some "will go to the baton.  I don't carry one, but I can also use OC.  This has it's limitations to."

While some people, including members of the police force have it experienced it personally know OC Spray, which is commonly known as "Pepper Spray," is effective, they say it can be too effective.

When it came to the spray I was told, "If [the Sergeant] were to use it now most of the floor would be forced to evacuate.  It's like walking into a room after a girl hits herself with perfume.  She doesn't even have to be in the room."

While described as painful, if OC Spray does not make direct contact with the targets eyes, it is almost ineffective, and on a windy day in great falls others may be at risk.  That is where a tazer comes into play.

The Sergeant said, "The tazer is the most effective non-lethal weapon in law enforcement today.  It's not a firearm, and there's a low risk, not zero risk, but a low risk to injury."

While less lethal, it is effective on anyone no matter the person's size.  A video that is shown by Great Falls Police at it's Citizen's Academy shows just that.

The next piece of technology with the tazer is that you can not argue how many times it is deployed on one person, and has a light to determine a target point.

"The tazer keeps a record of all that, so it us exactly when it was used.  How long it was used.  It was used on five second duration.  After a spark text, it would show one second with the date and time that it was used."

The tazer would be deployed one more time, as I would see for myself how effective it is.

The effect is instant as your muscles contract immediately, and while still conscious, your thought process has no idea how to function.

Overall, I was able to get back on my feet shortly after, and it was effective.

In the end, one time at 50,000 volts was enough for me.

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