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Mayor Winters and Tori Bender Swap Jobs for a Day

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Two affluent members of our Great Falls community, to the left of your screen we have our mayor Michael winters and to the right our own report-anchor Tori Bender. Both are good at their own careers, but what would it be like if the two switched jobs for a day? Well we did just that as Tori got a chance to try being the mayor of Great Falls for a day, starting her day off with a city commission trial meeting presiding over several students trying city commission jobs as well. Next up in Tori's big day as mayor was a very special and inspiring part, as 25 people from 16 different countries were sworn in to become U.S. citizens. Tori got to help welcome each of them in through the mayor's welcoming speech and even getting the once in a life-time honor of handing out certificates making these folks new American citizens. Just as there are two sides to a coin in journalism there are always two sides to a story. As Tori wraps up her day, Mayor Michael Winters got to try his hand at being a beat reporter.

"Hi this is Michael Winters and I'm here on my debut as an on the street reporter and I'm here to interview Ike Kaufman on his industry," says Mayor Winters.

"How long have you been in business here and is this your original location?"

"No this is our 5th major location we've been in business 119 years. We started at 218 central avenue and worked our way up to the current store." says store owner, Ike Kaufman.

"What do you owe your success to?" asks Mayor Winters.

"Well I think we've been fortunate, we've been through several years of up's and downs. Through the recessions and the depressions and all of these things, our suppliers have been extremely helpful and the community has been extremely helpful. We're just hanging on by the skin of our teeth," answers Kaufman.

Both people say the enjoyed their swap day but will continue to remain with their own jobs.

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