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Billings Family Donates iPads to Sletten Cancer Institute

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Ryan Eaton was known as a kindhearted brother, son and fiancé.

"Our son was very kind caring. And even as a little boy he always looked out for the next person", said his mother Vicki Eaton.

During his fourteen months of cancer treatment, surrounded by his family, Ryan witnessed too many times, patients battling this demon alone. He decided he was going to change it.

"He'd always be worried about the people next door that didn't have any company and visitors. So he started off with the idea that he wanted to raise money to buy iPads for money for people to help them while they were going through treatment", Eaton said.

Although she never imagined that cancer would take the life of her son at twenty-five years old, Eaton and her family made sure to bring his one wish alive.

"We decided that we were going to carry on his idea and donate iPads".

With the total of eighteen ipads donated from United Luv and the Benefis Health Foundation, patients will now be able to spend time during treatment and therapy relaxing with hundreds of apps to choose from.

"There's a lot of opportunity with this donation to bring value and improve the experience of our patients here at the Benefis Sletten cancer institute" executive director Joe LeDuca told us.

Jamie and molly green who travel all the way from Scobey for Jamie's therapy for colon cancer, say this will be a huge benefit for patients that need to find ways to keep themselves occupied. They know since they have using their own iPad for the time Jamie's been in treatment.

"When we come to town, we have to do shopping and stuff too. So I look at stuff on line and play games and check the weather. I have family in town, but if you're from out of town and you have kids in Seattle you can't talk to your love ones and help you through the process", Molly smiled.

With all of the donated iPads, it is no doubt that Ryan's kindness lives on.