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Flood Causes More than Building Damage in Capitol

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This month, cold temperatures caused some big problems in our Capitol.  At one point pipe a even burst leaving water damage through out the building.  ABC Montana's Joe Moeller spoke with employees today who are still being affected.

Nearly a week and half ago employees at the state capitol building walked into work to see a flooding mess. Negative temperatures caused a pipe to burst by the south entrance door, causing water damage throughout the building. Elevators were stopped, rooms were flooded, and office equipment was seen everywhere.

Water came from the first level down these stairs flooding parts of the basement including the cafeteria here which was shut for over a week.

"Cutting the employees out because I had to pay them out of that revenue, probably about $3,500-$4,000." Says Politically Correct Cafe owner Larry Strang.

That is how much revenue, Larry Strang the owner of the Politically Correct Cafe, lost in the week he had to shutdown business due to the flooding in the building.

"I walked downstairs and got the big hug from the building supervisor basically and she said I am so sorry and then I walked in here and oh my goodness." continued Strang.

"Originally I thought it was a couple of days so I didn't think too much of it since it was just a Thursday and a Friday, I thought oh no big deal and then when he called me Monday, which was my birthday, he said oh we are basically going to be out all week and I was like what so it was a little shocking." says employee Brandy Engle.

Strang and employees lost over a weeks worth of pay, right before the holiday.

"You know the landlords, the rent, the bills it doesn't matter if you are out of work we still have to, and you know definitely it is the Christmas season." added Engle.

For know the employees lost a weeks worth of pay, but Strang is working to get that money back.

"People checking into it for me and if I do not have another recourse I can go through my insurance, but I do not know, I do not have coverage for this kind of thing."

Besides the Cafeteria many offices in the basement are still recovering from water damage as it is noticeably not back to normal. For the Politically Correct Cafe, they are back open for business, and the special for the day,

"Genesis 8 and that is when the flood waters receded and everything started to grow back and that's why I named that the Genesis 8 Burger." says Strang.

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