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Record Breaking Number of Travelers Expected for Christmas

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Christmas is less than a week now, and some of you are getting ready to hit the road or catch a flight to see a loved one, well AAA has numbers showing that this year is a record high for travelers for the holiday. ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us the details on why it is such a record breaking year and some safety tips you might want to remember.

Roughly a month ago AAA released numbers showing a five year low for those traveling for Thanksgiving, fast forward a few weeks and now Christmas is showing the opposite.

"Christmas and the New Years holiday season is definitely making up for that when we look at travel numbers, travel numbers in 2013 will actually be at a record level for for what AAA has ever seen." says Kaelyn Kelly from AAA Mountain West.

The predictions as to why Thanksgiving travel was so low, was due to the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas were so close together this year.

"What we have seen is because of the decrease in Thanksgiving we have seen that people have been prioritizing travel for the year end holiday." adds Kelly.

94.5 million Americans will journey over 50 miles from home and AAA wants those driving to be cautious and ready when traveling, especially around Montana with the quick changing weather.

When traveling these long distances, there is always a few things you want to have in your car especially with these upcoming storms here in Montana. So you have heard of having food and chains in your vehicle, but the one thing people usually forget, is water.

"That is something you should try and take with you each time you set out in the vehicle, but water is really important because everyone is like well I will just melt snow, but that is an energy sacrifice that you are making in order to melt that snow to get water." says Kelly.

Emergency packs are always a necessity when making distant trips, but you can't forget to check in with those expecting your arrival.

"One of the most important things you can do is to tell someone where you are going and the route you are taking before you even get in the car, that way if something were to happen someone knows where to look for you." continued Kelly.

Another tip to keep you safe when driving in the winter months is to keep heavier items in the trunk to balance out the weight of the vehicle for traction on the road. For more information regarding travel you can call AAA Mountain West at the number on your screen.


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