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First of Its Kind Fire Safety Resolution Hits Lewis and Clark County

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Fire personnel in Lewis and Clark County created a first of its kind Resolution to help protect the lives of volunteer firefighters around the county from wild fires, ABC Montana's Joe Moeller brings us more from Helena.

"Enough is enough we have got to get on top of this situation it is just not worth young lives, nineteen." 

After the June Yarnell Fire in Arizona took the lives of 19 firefighters, retired Fire an Fuel Specialist, Sonny Stiger, decided it was time to help firefighters realize they didn't have to risk theirs for empty structures and helped create Resolution No. 2013-101 in Lewis and Clark County.

"The resolution is to emphasize that they aren't required to risk their lives to safe homes, stick and bricks. Life safety certainly, save a life certainly, save the home if you can certainly." said Sonny Stiger. 

To Stiger and fire officials this Resolution is nothing new regarding duties of the volunteer firefighters in Lewis and Clark County, and simply more of an emphasis on what they are not required to do.

"We have never been obligated to give our lives to protect someone's house, we have never been obligated, show me in Montana law where I am obligated to die to save your house. So there is nothing new here." said Ben Drake from Tri-Lakes Volunteer Fire Department.

The Resolution on the other hand helps highlight the fact that avoiding fires is also the responsibility of a property owner.

"What we are trying to do is educate people that, if you don't want your house to burn there is a simple program called mitigation that makes that not happen, but only you can do it." added Drake.

This resolution was signed in on November 5th and is the first of its kind, and Stiger thinks similar resolutions will be replicated around the state and country.

"This is a heads up to say, guys, homeowners we will do everything we can to save homes, but we are not going to kill people doing it."


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