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University of Great Falls Increases Sports Program

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Yesterday we reported that compared to last year's numbers public Montana collegiate sports revenue turned a loss. The University of Great Falls has in fact added athletic programs.

Montana Public College Athletics have brought in around 50 million dollars to the state economy. This number is less than previous years still, even with these figures, MSU Athletic director Peter Fields remains hopeful.

"We feel like we are on an upward trend and we're doing well we keep increasing and we look to do that next year. We have a lot of work to do, but we're excited the economic impact on the community has been tremendous," says Fields.

Closer to home here in Great Falls the University of Great Falls gets their revenue a little differently and are seeing quite the increase.

"I can tell you this from 2000 when they brought Basketball back, we have added 16 sports in 13 years, and we're enrollment driven, so every time we have a new student we generate income. So obviously the student athlete has been an important piece of that," explains Ehnes.

Athletic director Gary Ehnes says through some creativity and good choices the Argos Athletic Department expanded their sports programs further than they were expected.

"Being creative innovative, even bold at times. I ran lacrosse was kind of a bold move I would say, nobody else around here thought we would come up with that one so always moving forward being progressive always pushing the envelope that's what this university is about always trying to generate more and do more with less. It's the culture here at the University of Great Falls, so the Athletic Department is no different," says Ehnes.

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